Making media out of ideas
Digital media storytelling

Stories like to be heard. Stories like to be told. Stories love to find an audience. And Normandie Productions loves to be the ones shaping and pushing the ideas that make up stories – visual ones. From inception to premier, our team goes all in to create, direct, cut, and produce exceptional media.
Talent, skill, and creative vision are just some of what our media team brings to the production table. Whether you’re looking to shoot a commercial, put together and film a live show, or need content for a multi-faceted media campaign, you’ve found the right production team and house.


As a team of designers, producers and film buffs, we put a lot of time and effort making sure productions are seamless and media distinct. It’s our way of showing that we value you as a client and value your ideas. By helping shape, uncover, and build your vision, we get to do what we love and help move you along your journey toward capturing an audience. After all – stories need and want an audience.
Now, you might notice things here run a little different than other media production houses. There isn’t really a hierarchy. Yes, everyone has a position and tasks, but the overall process and feel is collaborative. Everyone is treated as a partner and that includes you and your team. That’s what makes us different. It’s why people come to us.

                              And it’s what makes us Normandie Productions.

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