Mark Boyce

Mark Boyce, born in Sydney Australia, married a Thai woman, 3 children, 2 girls and a 26 year old son who is painter.


In high school, at the age of 17, with 3 other school friends very fond of music, they decide to create a group.

After high school, everyone makes his own living and lose contact. 40 years later, Mark find out on Facebook his old friends successfully. Jean-François, Anthony and Scott have made an international music career. Mark decide with them to start a new group: “The eastern Kings”

Mark Boyce composed and wrote the song “HEY LITTLE GIRL” which had a tremendous success in Europe, mainly in France, from 1989 to 1991 and went back to Australia. He never stopped music in the meantime.

At the age of 19, with $500 in his pocket, he “lands” in Italy, without knowing the language, and having not yet found any housing, he plays the guitar, find a job in the street, plays in restaurants, in open air at ROMA. He is noticed by a very beautiful woman who offers him to participate a casting for a feature film. Hesitating as he is not an actor, Marks seizes the opportunity and takes the main role in the movie ‘Anno dei Gatti”. Being so successful, he get a recording contract with Sony/Epic in Milano, and thus, begins a long love story with Italy.

Later on, he acts as model for brands such as Gucci…


Eastern Kings band musicians

Recently, Mark Boyce set up the Eastern Kings group with 3 old friends.

The band consists of a drummer, a rhythm guitar, a guitar and a bass guitar.

Mark sings and plays the bass guitar,

Anthony Vidale, lead guitar. He used to leave at Long Island, met Cliff Richard (Cliff Richard and The Shadows). He knows everything about guitars. His father made radio during the last war and did all gingle broadcasted at Australian radio. He played a lot in Los Angeles, California. He plays the pedal guitar as well as many other instruments.

Anita Pallenburg has been during 20 years the ex girl friend of ANTHONY. Anita was also Cliff Richard’s ex wife.

Anthony Vidale was a member of the group “Hit The Hitmen”. He plays Martin D28 acoustic guitar at the Gibson Les Paul. He is the ideal partner for Eastern Kings Group.
Jean-françois TRIN plays Rhythm guitar. He is from New Caledonia. Since the age of 10, he has been playing guitar with influences and flavours of Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Steve Vai. His repertoire includes many styles and fits perfectly with the Kings.

Scott Johnson perform drums. He played with high profile international groups. Scott is a very experienced professional. His references are following : Rose Tattoo, Jimmy and the Boys, Rratts Bander, Outline, The Whitlams, Kids in the Kitchen, John Farnham, Brian Cadd, Russell.


Origin of the name Eastern Kings.

Eastern King group was created in 2014, they sing again titles they created when they were 17 years old. They are currently making their “come back”. Mark Boyce is still ranked in the charts in Australia.

The origin of the name Eastern King comes from the fact that they all live in eastern Australia, They are all married to Southeast-Asia Women, they all live in the eastern neighborhoods of cities, as well as on the east coast of Australia. Everything occurred in the east, this is the reason of the name Eastern King.


Eastern King is a rock group from the Australian South East. A brilliant spectacle not to be missed when performing in your area.

Please, keep your dreams alive, and remember the music.


Here is a total of 18 songs

  • 1 Hey Little girl – New version
  • 2 It’s over
  • 3 Bad Blood
  • 4 Hometown
  • 5 Million Miles Away
  • 6 Happen to you
  • 7 Family
  • 8 One Way Ticket
  • 9 Midnight Train
  • 10 Love songs for
  • 11 Wake me up
  • 12 Live your life
  • 13 Lost without you
  • 14 Beautiful and cruel
  • 15 She’s mine
  • 16 Questa sera
  • 17 Lost romance
  • 18 Angel

Bad Blood
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